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City of Hauser
11837 N. Hauser Lake Rd.
Hauser, Idaho  83854
(208) 777-9315
(208) 457-8457 (fax)
February, 2017

In the creation of a vibrant community the City of Hauser, Idaho has become the home of many businesses, the likes of which range from auto gas and market, restaurants, mechanical shops, mini storage, construction, and non-profits. This is a small sample of the business diversity in Hauser.

Each business brings with it a dedication to the City and citizens. This is seen through the positive relationships that are built between the business owners and Hauser residents. Our local businesses take the time to reach out and say hello. They know their job is not only to provide a service, but to build a relationship within Hauser as well as outside our City.

We appreciate our local businesses and their devotion to our community. Hauser encourages business owners as well as all citizens to take an active role in our government. If you are interested in the current events and topics of discussions, please attend the next scheduled city hall meeting. We would like to hear your ideas, questions or comments. Those meetings are usually held on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. and/or listed on our web site: www.cityofhauser.org.

Kiera Beck, Council Member
City of Hauser


Last modified: 11/06/2016